Skinner Electronic Enterprises * PO Box 787

Fallbrook, CA 92028

Check/MO S/H $2.25/ea or 3/$5.00

Item # 1552 PERSONAL FINANCES PART I ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) Financial "Compound Interest Calculations" Calculates the total amount of in terest produced by an investment, . the time required to yeild a giv- en amount, the rate of return on an investment, the investment re- quired to produce a specific amount in the future, the future value of today's investment, the value of a deposit when the in- terest is compounded daily, the effective annual rate when the annual rate is compounded, & the true APR of an Add-on charge.


Item # 1553 PERSONAL FINANCES PART II 7X-81 16K RAM (cas) $12.95 Financial "IRA & Simple Interest Calcula- tion" Calculations to compute the annual balance for an IRA account when a single deposit is made an- nually, or when a regular monthly deposit is made, or when irregu- lar monthly deposits are made, to determine the total amount of Simple Interest due or paid, how Tong it will take for simple interest to increase a sum to a given amount, to find the rate of return on an investment, how much must be invested to produce a given amount, to find the value of an investment after a given period of time.

Item # 1554 PERSONAL FINANCES PART III ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) Financial "Loan Amortization Calculations" Calculations to determine the number of payments to be made, annual interest rate being paid, payment amount required, how much can be borrowed for a given pay- ment, how much interest has been paid, what is the remanining bal- ance, how much will be refunded on early payoff, an amortization table printed in 32 column double line format.


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Always remember to make back- up copies of all your data tapes to insure that the data is not lost in a bad SAVE or * with a damaged tape.


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Circle Chess

PO Box 63

Des Plaines, IL 60017 Check/MO S/H $

| Item # 1555 a CIRCLE CHESS j ZX-81 16K RAM (cas) / $ TS-2068 (cas) $ Game A special and unique form of the chess game, The playing board is made up of 3 different kinds of spaces: 9 hexagons, 30 triangles, & 38 rectangles for a total of 77 spaces. The paths used are: a straight line and a circle. The game is complete on tape, but is also available in box form separ- ately (extra) for playing when you are not at your computer.


Group Technology, Ltd.

PO Box 87

Check, VA 24072

Check/MO Visa/MC S/H $2.00 UPS

Item # 1556 FDZX1 Interface Board assembled & tested $99.95 kit $69.95 Interface Enables the Sinclair Spectrum, ZX-81, TS-1000, TS-1500 & TS-2068 to be used in automated measure- ment, data acquisition & instru- ment control applications. Fully buffered address, data and con- trol buses for input/output in- terfacing plus 6 decoded device codes (expandableto 18) for con-

venient access. kKkkhk

Clifford & Associates 13910 Halldale Avenue Gardena, CA 90249 Check/MO S/H

Item # 1557 Z-LINK Interface Card TS-2068 Emulator l Interface With this interface you are able to use the Sinclair Interface-1 with built-in RS-232 & L.A.N. and


operate up to 8 ZX-Microdrives.

Also run the Rotronics Wafadrives Run most Spectrum peripherals and hardware. Depending on the "type" of peripheral you wish to RUN de- termines the type of Emulator or firmware you will be required to run on your TS-2068. Write for details on what is compatible with what peripheral you intend

to use. khkkk

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A & J Micro Drive

1050 "I" East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408) 732-9292

H software & wafers $3.00 H starter kit & drive $6.50 anada $10.00. Normally ship UPS.

Sai srt Visa/MC COD (add $1.65) S

Item # 1558 Stringy Floppy Model 1000 Starter Kit by A & J Micro Drive ZX-81 $169.95 Interface/Mass storage Data transfer (load & save) is 30 times faster than a cassette with no sensitive volume controls, no rewinding or buttons to push, up to 127 files per tape, compatible with other peripherals, pluas in- to expansion port, automatic ver- ify with save, file directory. These are just some of the advan- tages you get with the system. Seperate power supply, so will not drain the ZX-81. Conttnuous loop cartridge (Micro Wafer I). Store up to 70K bytes on 50 foot wafer. Complete with Interface, Drive 0, cables, power supply, manual, Operating system, 5 Micro Wafers (one each length) & Wafer Organizer. Plug it together & RUN

Item # 1559 Model 1000 Interface ZX-81 $79.50 Interface This is the interface only and it is included in the starter kit above.

Item # 1560 Model 1000 Stringy Floppy Drive 0 ZX-81 & Micro D. Interface $99.50 Mass storage This is the first drive only and it is included with the starter kit above.

Item # 1561 Model 1000 Stringy Floppy Drive 1 ZX-81, MD I/F & Drive 0 $99.50 Mass storage Want to add more storage power? Then this is the drive to order to expand your unit. Requires the Drive 0 & Interface.

Item # 1562 Owner's Manual for Model 1000 Stringy Floppy by A&J Micro eh 95


This is included in the starter kit above.